The first sweetener biorefinery

We are creating sustainable fermentative methods to upcycle agricultural waste into healthy ingredients.

In yeast we trust

Fermantation technologies with yeast have been used by centuries to provide us with amazing products like beer, wine and cheese.

We are adapting natural strains of yeasts (non – GMO) to create clean label and sustainable ingredients for the food industry, targeting both: B2C and B2B markets. 

Working on SDGs

We are working to create a healthier, more sustainable and just world through science and technology. Moreover, we focus in supporting our community and providers. 

Our brands

We are proud to announce diverse brands of ingredients for the food industry, starting with sweeteners.

Xilinat, our multi-awarded flagship product, is taking the xylitol market in Mexico.

3% of our revenue is used in social impact campaigns:

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