Building the first sustainable sweetener

We are creating sustainable fermentative methods to upcycle agricultural waste into xylitol and other amazing ingredients through biotechnology and circular economy principles.

In yeast we trust

Fermantation technologies with yeast have been used by centuries to provide us with amazing products like beer, wine and cheese.

We are adapting natural strains of yeast (non-GMO) to upcycle agricultural waste (i.e corn cob) into clean label xylitol and other ingredients. 

Closing the loop

We are a certified B Corp that closes the loop of agricultural waste, as we provide farmers with sustainable sources for animal feed and soil remediation while transforming their residues into healthy and appetizing ingredients for the food industry.

Working on SDGs

We are working to create a healthier, more sustainable and just world through science and technology. Moreover, we focus in supporting our community and providers. 

21,000 USD payed to Mexican farmers living in poverty conditions by buying their waste.

+3,000 people replacing sugar with our sweetener, mitigating diabetes and obesity.

36 tons of CO2 avoided by uplycling agricultural waste through our production process.

Our products

Xylitol, is a unique sweetener that tastes identical to sugar with 40% less calories and 75% less carbs. Made by upcycling agricultural waste through yeast bioconvertion.

Xylitol is safe for everyone as it does not recquire insulin for being metabolized and it has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for people with diabetes. It also protects teeth against cavities and helps to prevent other diseases.

Our brand, Xilinat is the only sweetener with positive social and environmental impact, currently taking the Mexican market

3% of our revenue is used in social impact campaigns:

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