Sustainability & Impact

Working on SDGs

Through our production methods, business model and products, we are working on diverse SDGs.

21,000 USD payed to Mexican farmers living in poverty conditions by buying their waste.

+3,000 people replacing sugar for our sweeteners, mitigating diabetes and obesity.

36 tons of CO2 avoided by uplycling agricultural waste through our production process.

3% of our revenue is used in social impact campaigns:

Current campaings

We believe that every change begins with little actions, that is why we are developing diverse SDGs campaigns.

Mexico without cavities

70% of the Mexican children have cavities.

We are making dental hygiene products accessible to low income kids by donating 500 kits. Also, giving workshops to teach proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Sustainable agriculture

The excessive use of agrochemicals and irrigations slats develop environmental imbalances which translate in excessive gas emissions.

We want to regenerate 2 hectares of cornfields. For this purpose, we are looking for allies to implement regenerative agriculture workshops to sustainably increase the productivity of  farmers located in the outskirts of Mexico City.

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